2020 Online Conference on Information Technology
(including Activities from the Student Academic Exchange between CU and KAIT)

The Joint workshop by Chulalongkorn University and Kanagawa Institute of Technology will take place online on November 26, 2020.

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November 25: Proceedings of Abstracts (needs password) : PDF
October 16: Website open

Important Dates:
Date Action
October 30 Title Submission
November 9 Abstract Submission
November 25 Online System Testing (14:00(JP)- )
November 26 Online Conference on Information Technology

Session Schedule (Tentative):
November 26 (Thr)
Time (JP) Time (TH) Session
10:00-10:10 8:00-8:10 Opening
Speech from President of KAIT : Dr. Kazumi Komiya
Speech from CU Vice President : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai (on behalf of CU President : Prof. Dr. Bundhit Eua-arporn)
10:15-11:15 8:15-9:15 Keynote session by young researcher
Chair: Prof. Ryo Saegusa
  • Technology of embedding information in 3D printing by Dr. Piyarat Silapasuphakornwong (KAIT)
  • Applied Engineering for disable & patient assistant by Mr. Maitai Dahlan (CU)
11:25-12:35 9:25-10:35 Student Session 1 (Engineering, Information)
Chair: Prof. Tatsuya Inaba
  • Integration between digital fabrication of assembly operation and machine vision by Mr. Chaiwuth Sithiwichankit (CU)
  • A Method of Expanding Photo-Based User Preference Profile for the Recommendation of Sightseeing Places by Ms. Eriko Shibamoto (KAIT)
  • A Collaborative Ensemble System with Picture Story for Aesthetic Sensibility Learning by Ms. Huynh Thi Kim Chi (KAIT)
12:45-13:55 10:45-11:55 Student Session 2 (Information)
Chair: Dr. Chulapong Panichkriangkrai
  • A Food Recommender Based on Frequent Set of Foods Mining Using Photo Recognition by Ms. Thunchanok Tangpong (CU)
  • Embedding information in 3D-printed object with curved surface using near infrared fluorescent dye by Mr. Siravich Chandenduang (CU)
  • Moving Particle Simulation for Gas Flow in Olfactory Display by Mr. Yohei Seta (KAIT) (Video Presentation)
13:55-14:35 11:55-12:35 Lunch
14:35-15:45 12:35-13:45 Student Session 3 (Vehicle, Robotics)
Chair: Prof. Ratchatin Chancharoen
  • Motion Planning and Control using Speed Profile and Risk Potential Optimization based on Curvilinear Coordinate: Cyclists Overtaking in Urban Roads Scenario by Mr. Warit Sukittipattanakul (KAIT)
  • Human-Machin Interaction based on Eye Movements and Voice Conversation by Mr. Masahiro Yamada & Miss. Yuriko Yamamoto (KAIT)
  • Interactive Vital Measurement System based on Autonomous Mobile Robot and GUI Application by Mr. Kensuke Ohno (on behalf of Miss. Yumi Yonezawa) (KAIT)
15:50-16:40 13:50-14:40 Discussion of our future collaboration
16:50-17:00 14:50-15:00 Closing